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Stephen Bilkis & Associates, PLLC was started in 1997, with the goal to provide unparalleled legal services to the people of New York. Each of skilled lawyers and office staff are experienced and distinguished in their area of practice, to provide top quality support and legal guidance at a time when you need it most. We are dedicated to each of our clients, and take pride in our quality of service, addressing the specific legal needs of each and every client.

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Personal Injury

Our skilled team of Personal Injury Attorneys, along with our Of Counsel Attorneys at Stephen Bilkis & Associates, PLLC has represented thousands of personal injury victims over the years, helping them to receive just compensation for their injuries, totaling hundreds of millions of dollars. In fact, our New York Personal Injury Attorneys have settled or won over two hundreds cases that have been valued at over one million dollars each. Our areas of practice include Car Accident, Medical Malpractice, Construction Accident, Brain Injury, Birth Injury, Truck Accident, Spinal Injury and Wrongful Death matters. If you or a loved one has suffered a personal injury accident, speak with our office today at 800.696.9529. We will provide you with a consultation and legal guidance free of charge.

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Criminal Defense

Our experienced Criminal Lawyers have successfully represented thousand of clients that have been involved in criminal or traffic cases. We believe that our valued clients are innocent, until proven otherwise. We provide an aggressive defense, and ensure that our client’s rights are protected at every stage of their legal proceedings, whether it is in New York State Court, or United States Federal Court. Whether the case involves a plea bargain or a jury trial, our track record speaks for itself. Many of our successes have been noted in the New York Times, The Daily News, and Newsday. Stephen Bilkis & Associates, PLLC have handled matters involving Driving Felonies, DWI and DUI, Robbery, Traffic Infractions and Misdemeanors, Gun Crime including Illegal Handgun Possession and automatic weapons, Domestic Violence including Orders for Protection and Assault, Sex Crime including Rape and Possession of Child Pornography, and Bank Fraud, Securities Fraud, and other White Collar Crimes. Contact our office for a free consultation at 800.696.9529.

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Probate and Estate Law

Our team of Probate and Estate Lawyers has a long track record of success, handling probate and estate matters valued at millions of dollars. Regardless of the size of the estate however, our firm provides each client with individual attention and professionalism.

Estate and probate issues can take many forms. Often it must be determined whether there is a valid will, or whether an executor has been appointed. Estates must be properly administered as well, bills must be taken care of, assets accounted for and beneficiaries paid.

The estate lawyers from our team represent administrators, beneficiaries and executors in all varieties of estate and probate matters. Often a dispute will arise among family members, claiming that estate funds have been misappropriated. Our goal is to provide a prompt and fair resolution, and avoid litigation if at all possible. If you are contending with an estate or probate matter, come in and speak with one of our estate lawyers for guidance. Your first appointment is free. Contact our office today at 800.696.9529.

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Family Law

The Family Lawyers and Divorce Lawyers from our team have almost a century of legal experience collectively. They can explain your legal options and ensure that your rights are aggressively defended. Countless issues can arise in Family Law disputes. Perhaps you need an Order of Protection from your spouse, your child support payments need to be increased, or your ex-spouse has decided to fight for custody of your children. Whatever the scenario, we can help. We handle cases involving child support, custody, Guardianship, visitation, grandparent’s rights and Paternity. Contact us today at 800.696.9529 to receive a free consultation and legal support.

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When my mom, who is suffering from dementia, faced a slip and fall personal injury lawsuit, I contacted Stephen Bilkis of the Law Offices of Stephen Bilkis & Associates. Not only did he provide a strategy for defending the claim, he also advised me on steps to take to avoid future personal liability. Whether you are the defendant or plaintiff in an injury case, I highly recommend Mr. Bilkis. S.M.
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