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New York Front Impact Car Accident

Have you recently been injured in an accident in which someone struck you head on? This type of devastating accident can lead to catastrophic injuries. It can even lead to fatal injuries, so if you have lost a loved one, you may have grounds to file a wrongful death claim with the help of a New York front impact car accident lawyer.

Front impact car accidents may also be referred to as head-on collisions and these happen when the front ends of two different vehicles collide into one another. Although these types of accidents are not as common as side impact collisions or rear impact collisions, they often cause fatalities.

A 2005 research shows that in the United States, head on collisions made up only 2% of all car collisions but accounted for 10% of fatalities. Head on collisions usually are the result of a lane departure accident or a road departure. In these cases, a motorist fails to stay within their own lane and crosses over the center line into opposing traffic.

In other cases, a motorist might enter the wrong way on a roadway and slide head-on into oncoming traffic. The force of a frontal impact accident is severe and can lead to TBIs, fractures, broken bones, internal organ damage and more. Newton's thirds law of motion stipulates that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Two vehicles colliding into the front end of each other at the same speed of 50 mph is the equivalent of 50 mph of force.

The most common type of injuries sustained in a head on collision in New York are broken bones and joint and muscle injuries. The body moves rapidly upon impact in a front impact or head on collision. This means the lower extremities such as the knees, legs, feet, ankles, and hip can be subject to injury because they will absorb the full force of the crash. The ankles and feet can get caught under the gas pedal, dashboard or steering wheel and traumatic rotation or twisting of the knees can occur. It is very common for people in front impact accidents to sustain ligament damage that requires extensive medical support.

This is just one more reason to hire a front impact car accident attorney in New York who could file a claim for compensation. One may experience injuries to the hip, shin, or upper or lower part of the leg. It is critical to get legal advice as soon as possible after you have been hurt in an accident like this. This is largely because of the catastrophic injuries and the resulting medical bills. Someone who is hurt in an accident like this may be facing years of having to go to the doctor, surgery, rehabilitation and daily pain.

Medication may only help to minimize the potential pain that the patient lives with every single day but it is likely that the victim's life will never be the same. Many victims in front impact collisions, for example, are never able to return to work in full. This is because the severity of their injuries is such that they cannot even get through a day without significant pain or problems, prompting them to have to give up work for the remainder of their life. Obviously, this can have ripple effects across your family and can influence the victim for many years down the road. Because of this, New York personal injury law allows people to first exhaust their no-fault insurance opportunities by filing a claim with their own insurance carrier. However, due to the common injuries associated with front impact accidents, you may also suffer damages and pain that are far beyond what your no-fault insurance coverage will support. This means that you need to hire an experienced accident attorney immediately.

A front impact accident lawyer in New York will tell you that the sooner you talk to an attorney the more confident you will feel about the management of your claim, and going forward, you will be happier with the choices available to you when you need to file an injury claim for maximum compensation. It is never easy to find yourself in the shoes of the victim during such an accident but your willingness to take prompt and effective action with the help of a lawyer is important.

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