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New York Gas Tank Explosion

Gasoline is one of the most dangerous and combustible products that people use on a regular basis. Even the static electricity surrounding a gasoline tank or pump can cause gasoline to explode.

Other types of gasoline frequently used by consumers such as liquid propane gas used in your outdoor grill, also carries a high risk of an explosion or fire. The manufacturer of consumer products should know how these products can be dangerous and should provide appropriate warnings.

These manufacturers also have a duty to mitigate that danger through product design or adequate warnings to the consumers. When your gas tank explodes because of a defect caused by the manufacturer's design or production of that product, you may have grounds to pursue a personal injury claim. The right person contact after such an accident is a New York gas tank explosion injury attorney.

An injury attorney who has years of experience in this field will know what is necessary to conduct an investigation and to hold the manufacturer responsible for the dangerous injuries and life changing accidents. An experienced gas tank explosion injury lawyer in New York will know what is necessary to pursue fair and full compensation for injuries and any other losses tied to a gas tank explosion. A number of different defective vehicle parts have been in the news in recent years because of their poor design or manufacture.

When these vehicle parts cause you to lose control of your car, such as a sudden explosion or fire that breaks out of the gas tank, you may have little or no opportunity to avoid the consequences. You might not even realize until well after the accident that it was actually your gas tank that caused such a devastating explosion.

Regardless of how it happened, if you can put together the pieces of an injury claim, you may be able to recover maximum compensation for the injuries you sustained. Unfortunately, these kinds of accidents can yield catastrophic consequences. When your car catches on fire, whether it is sitting still or maneuvering through traffic, you can become trapped inside the vehicle and may suffer smoke, injuries, and other damages because of your inability to get out. Paramedics may need to pry you from the vehicle because of a gas tank explosion and if you cannot get to the side of the road fast enough, you may be involved in accidents with other vehicles as well. Because of the serious danger associated with a gas tank explosion, you must take action to mitigate it, but many consumers do not even realize that their gas tank is at risk of catching on fire.

A crack in the lines travelling to and from the gas tank or a defect in the tank itself inside your car may be extremely difficult or impossible to spot. This means that once a fire or explosion occurs, you have a limited window of time in which to figure out what has happened and to get out of the car. It can be very overwhelming for anyone going through this situation, but the stakes are even higher if you've got passengers inside. A prompt investigation of the vehicle itself is necessary to figure out whether or not it was indeed your gas tank inside your car that ultimately caused an explosion. If you can pinpoint such an explosion, you may be able to put together a product liability claim. The right attorney is vital if you intend to pursue maximum compensation because the companies that develop and install gas tanks will have their own legal team dedicated to pursuing a strong defense strategy.

You need someone in your corner who is going to aggressively pursue maximum compensation for a gas tank explosion. No consumer should have to live through this devastating situation of watching their vehicle catch on fire, particularly when severe injuries are the result. If this has already happened to you, however, taking prompt action and consulting with a lawyer are the only way to get the help you need.

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