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New York Children's Bike Accident

Did you know that bicycle accidents contribute to nearly 500,000 injuries every single year? Recent U.S. Department of Transportation surveys indicate that approximately 800 bicycle riders suffer fatal injuries every single year, and nearly three-quarters of those have to do with some type of head injury.

Bicycle accidents can happen anywhere, including in your own neighborhood. For example, a car driver might not paying attention when backing out, and could strike and run over a small child.

While it is a good idea for all parents to have strict safety rules surrounding bicycle activities with children, this is not always enough to prevent a devastating accident. If someone else's negligent or reckless acts were the cause of your child's bicycle accident injury, you need legal experience on your side. Hire a New York children's bike accident lawyer immediately to protect your interests.

When filing an insurance claim or going against the at-fault party in court, you need a children's bike accident attorney in New York who has years of experience working in this field. You need a New York children's bike accident lawyer who stays current with local bicycle accident laws and how these may influence your recovery.

Unfortunately, child bike accidents can be caused by numerous different factors. Depending on the child's age, for example, they may engage in reckless behavior doing fancy maneuvers, doubling up with a friend on the bike. Children who ride bicycles and are listening to music can also increase their risk of devastating collisions because they are distracted and not able to hear other pedestrians, bikes, or oncoming cars. This makes it difficult or impossible for them to avoid an accident. Filing an injury claim might seem overwhelming, but litigation could be the only option.

Anything that could cause the child to lose control of the bike can put him or her at greater risk of an accident. However, even with preventative measures in place and proper safety procedures followed by a child at all times, accidents can and do still happen. This is often because other drivers are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or are not paying attention themselves. When you can show that another driver's reckless behavior is the cause of your child's severe injuries, you can make a compelling claim for maximum compensation by consulting with an experienced injury lawyer immediately.

The right lawyer can tell you more about what is involved in filing a claim and how you need to protect your child's rights. Depending on the age of your child, the developmental problems associated with such an accident can change his or her life forever. Your child may have to live with lifelong disabilities, scarring, disfigurement, or other issues tied to a bicycle accident. And if you believe that it was not your child's fault in the first place, you need to protect their interests by taking action that can support them now and well into the future. The right bicycle accident attorney is just one component of that eligibility to pursue maximum compensation under a claim, but it is an important one. You deserve to have someone on your side who is committed to leaving no stone unturned in the pursuit of compensation for your loved one.

Showing that another party was responsible and illustrating the severity of the injuries your child sustained are two of the most crucial factors considered in an injury claim. This can lead to you to an early settlement of a child's bike accident injury claim or it could lead to a trial in which you pursue compensation against the at fault party. In either situation, it is necessary to have legal knowledge and experience on your side that can only be provided by an experienced and dedicated lawyer in New York.

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