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New York Common Causes of Bicycle Accidents

Have you recently been hurt in a bicycle accident? If so, you need a common causes of bicycle accident attorney in New York who understands the many ways that this accident has now shaped your life. Many of the most common causes of bicycle accidents are due to driver error. If a driver is responsible for the injuries you sustained, you need to file a legal claim. The no-fault insurance laws in NY can be complex if you’re not sure of your rights, but a lawyer is helpful.

Although bicycles have become more common across the roads of many cities in New York, this does not always mean that drivers are capable of sharing the road effectively and the chance of a severe accident could disable or kill a bicycle rider.

A New York common causes of bicycle accident lawyer can tell you that many people in this situation are not able to fully recover. Going back to work may not be an option for you in the wake of a serious bicycle accident. Research from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows that the percentage of pedestrian, bicycle and other non-vehicle fatalities has increased by as much as 13% over the past decade. Far too many cyclists are killed in accidents that could have been prevented if a driver was not engaged in reckless behavior or under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The five most common causes of bicycle accidents are broken down below. If you have already been hurt in an accident like this, a New York common causes of bicycle accidents attorney is the most important asset at your side as you move through the criminal justice system.


Bicyclists should never ride as fast as possible even though a bicycle cannot travel at the speed of cars. Furthermore, cars should always mind the speed limit and adjust their speed appropriately when bicycles are on the road or when inclement weather conditions or other challenges make safety a top priority.

Inattentive Driving and Riding

Just as more drivers are distracted by their cars, so are bicyclists. Never take your eyes off the road in front of you or you could find yourself in the midst of a distracted driving accident. Web surfing, emailing, texting, or talking on your mobile device can all put you at risk for a serious injury.

Close Proximity in Traffic

Drivers should always maintain at least three feet from the widest point of their car and a bicycle. Bicyclists should however, never assume that a car will give them enough space to safely operate their bike. It might be safer to use the designated bike lane but accidents can and do still happen in this location by drivers who are not paying attention or who are not used to commuting in areas like this.

Lane or Intersection Merging

Bicyclists have many of the same rights and responsibilities as cars, however, bicyclists do need to stay on the appropriate side of the road unless they are avoiding an object or turning. Bicyclists also need to obey signals, stop signs, and traffic lights. Failing to follow the rules of the road could lead to catastrophic or even fatal injuries for a cyclist. If another driver has not paid attention to the rules of the road and has breached the duty of care that he or she owes to a cyclist, the injuries and the resulting damages could become the subject of a personal injury claim.

Parking lot, Sidewalk, and Driveway Accidents

Parking lot lanes, sidewalks and driveways are a lot more confined than roads and there can be less time to avoid a critical crash. There are higher risks of accidents here as well. A proactive approach and use of extra caution is extremely important when operating a bicycle in these areas to decrease your chance of serious and catastrophic injuries.

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