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New York Defective Airbag

Plenty of news reports in recent years have detailed the severe risk of injuries as a result of defective airbags. If you or someone you know has already hurt by a defective airbag anywhere in New York, you need an attorney who is fully prepared to take on these airbag manufacturers to hold them accountable for the injuries you have sustained.

An airbag is a car safety device that is activated by a crash sensor. When it functions properly, it inflates instantly and cushions the driver and passengers in a collision. However, since drivers and passengers rely on the airbag to function appropriately, the injuries in an accident can be made much worse or could even lead to fatalities. Some don’t work properly and lead to an airbag lawsuit. Consulting directly with a New York defective airbag attorney as soon as possible will help you figure out whether you have grounds for a legal claim.

American auto makers began using airbags back in the 1970s and in the 1980s, airbags became standard in all new vehicles. Every vehicle produced after April 1989 was required to have driver side airbags or automatic seatbelts. Automatic seatbelts were later abandoned. Federal statistics have shown that airbags, when they function properly, can save the lives of people involved in traffic accidents. Airbags are in many different locations of a vehicle, but are most common in the front and side of the car to minimize the impact of a collision. Since head on and side impact collisions are often linked to severe injuries, airbags are designed to protect drivers and passengers in these devastating crashes.

An airbag should give additional safety to a driver or to a passenger involved in a wreck by minimizing the danger of their body hitting the vehicle's interior. Sensors inside vehicles will deploy an airbag when the vehicle decelerates suddenly. In the event of the accident in which someone has sustained injuries, a defective airbag attorney in New York may be retained immediately to pursue a product liability claim. You may also have grounds against the negligent driver who caused the crash but if you believe that your injuries were caused or made much worse by a defective airbag, you need to purse an injury claim against that manufacturer as well.

Young children may particularly be vulnerable to defective airbags and can be critically hurt even when the airbag deploys properly. However, you may not know an airbag is defective until you have an accident and need it. A car owner may suspect that the airbags are there to protect them but then discover that the don’t work when it is too late. People may sustain serious injuries or even die if the airbags don’t work. The number of airbag-related deaths and injuries are increasing These injuries sustained include airbag burns, decapitation, loss of vision, loss of hearing, broken legs and arms, paralysis, death and damage to the spine or brain.

Airbag recalls are becoming commonplace in United States with airbags being recalled for a number of different reasons. Exploding airbags, for example, have been the subject of many recent defective airbag recalls. If you or a loved has been hurt by defective airbag, consider filing a defective product claim to get the financial help you need for your injury expenses.

Companies should be held accountable for defectively made or designed products that ultimately cause injuries to consumers. Filing a lawsuit to recover maximum damages may be only way for you to put this unfortunate incident behind you so that you can have a better and more effective future. Talking things over with a lawyer is critical if you find yourself in this situation and you cannot hesitate to wait since your overall medical recovery may be impacted by your ability to file a claim.

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