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New York Federal Hazardous Materials Trucking Accident

The federal hazardous materials trucking accidents lawyer you choose will help you significantly in the resolution of your case. There are many different requirements mandated by the federal government regarding how truckers may transport these dangerous materials. It is extremely important for anyone to understand that these hazardous materials regulations have changed significantly over the last couple of years.

The hazardous materials regulations are applicable to the transport of any dangerous materials in commerce, including intrastate, interstate and foreign carriers by car, aircraft, motor vehicle, vessel and rail. It also refers to the marking, manufacture, maintenance, fabrication, repairing or testing or reconditioning of any unit that is sold for the transportation of hazardous materials.

Recognizing that any truck driver who transports hazardous materials may put others on the road at higher risk than general truck drivers, it is important to realize that if these hazardous materials spill over the course of an accident, this could be a catastrophic incident. A hazardous material is any agent or item such as a chemical, biological, physical or radiological item that can cause harm to animals, the environment or humans. This is either by itself or either through other factors. The Department of Transportation, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration all have regulations regarding hazardous materials and transports.

If you've already been hurt in an accident in which you may have been exposed to hazardous materials, your medical conditions may be serious. Consulting with a knowledgeable New York hazardous materials trucking regulations accident lawyer is important. A hazardous materials trucking regulations accident attorney in New York will explain to you your rights and how you may be able to pursue a case.

Accidents involving trucks carrying hazardous materials will have much higher stakes than a traditional accident. Depending on the type of hazardous material that is being shipped, a crash may include a fire, significant injuries, an explosion, or even environmental damage if the truck rolls over and spills. Much higher amounts of liability insurance are typically assessed for those drivers and trucks that carry hazardous materials. There are nine classes of hazardous materials and associated risks, including corrosives, flammable solids, gasses, flammable liquids, radioactive and more. Hazardous materials can cause poisoning chemical burns, thermal burn injuries, explosions, exposure to cancer causing materials and more. There is also a risk to the surrounding property and the environment. Trucking companies have to comply with a broad range of safety standards in order to avoid severe incidents. Truck safety inspectors look at roadside inspections of trucks carrying hazardous materials to verify compliance with regulations. Unfortunately, many of these may not pass inspection and could be taken out of service but only after an accident has occurred. If you believe you have already been hurt in an accident like this, schedule a consultation with a hazardous materials trucking accident regulation attorney in New York today.

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