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New York Left Turn Accidents

When you are making a left turn, you have a responsibility to verify that the roadway is clear, otherwise you could be held responsible in an accident and find yourself going up against a New York left turn collisions accident lawyer.

New York Vehicle and Traffic Law 1141 outlines the duty imposed on a motor vehicle when they are making a left turn. This person must continue to yield the right of way until it is safe to proceed. If you've already been injured in a left turn accident, you may need to file an injury claim with the help of a New York left turn collisions accident lawyer.

Turning left can expose you to a risk for accidents when another driver is coming at excessive speed. The circumstances of your specific accident will dictate whether or not you have grounds to file an injury claim but the right attorney can be an important component of your ability to recover compensation.

Turning left into an intersection means that you need to verify that it is safe before proceeding. If you attempt to make a left-hand turn and do so unsafely, you could be held responsible for any resulting accidents.

As any left turn collisions lawyer in New York can tell you, you need to verify that the roadway is safe before moving forward. New York Vehicle and Traffic Law acknowledges the danger of left hand turns as well as intersections.

The driver who is entering the intersection must verify that there are no immediate hazards in the roadway before proceeding. This means that the person who is making a left turn has the lowest priority opportunity to move. If he or she does not yield to other motorists and ultimately causes a vehicle accident, liability can be established through negligence as the responsibility of that person.

When you have been hurt in a left turn accident, your life can feel as though it has turned upside down. This is because the accident has left you with severe and life-changing injuries such as broken bones, fractures, lacerations, road rash and more. If you have suffered severe injuries affecting your spinal cord or your brain, you may be dealing with the medical consequences of such an accident for many years to come. New York personal injury law protects your right to file a legal claim by empowering you to do so as soon as possible after the accident occurs.

You may not realize the rights available to you and could make major mistakes in your case if you are not careful to hire a left turn collisions attorney in New York right away. Most people are tempted to file an insurance claim and forget about the remainder of their incident, but they might discover that the severe side effects of such an accident are following them days or even weeks after the incident has occurred.

This is because many of the most severe types of injuries, including TBIs, do not have symptoms that can be spotted immediately in the aftermath of such an accident. For this reason, you might think that you are fine and then discover upon further medical examination that you have suffered a medical issue that will affect you for years. You may even be unable to go back to work.

A left turn accident can make it difficult for you to get help if you do not hire an attorney as soon as possible. Trying to manage a claim like this on your own, particularly when your medical expenses are extremely high, could make it impossible for you to put the pieces of your life back together. Thankfully, New York personal injury law allows you to pursue maximum recovery by hiring an experienced accident lawyer who will do everything possible to protect your interests.

The insurance company may not advocate for your side but your injury attorney will, and when you have someone in your corner who is knowledgeable about managing these types of cases, you will feel more confident about focusing on your medical care while knowing that your lawyer is advocating for what is truly best for you.

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