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New York Manufacturing Defect Car Accident

The right lawyer is vital to pursuing any type of injury claim, but this is exceptionally important when you believe that the injuries were tied to a manufacturing defect. Whether another driver could be held negligent for the accident itself or whether the accident was caused entirely by a manufacturing defect in a dangerous part inside your car, you need an attorney who is thoroughly experienced with investigating these claims and pursuing compensation and recovery on your behalf. In some cases, motor vehicle accidents are not caused by the operator, rather by a defect in the car that led to the accident.

A defective product could cause the driver to lose control of the vehicle and this could lead to catastrophic pile ups and severe injuries. Identifying the type of defect involved and whether or not an injured person would be able to prove that the defect caused the crash, can be extremely complex and may require the assistance of engineering experts and an experienced manufacturing defect car accident lawyer in New York.

Complicated issues may arise with your insurance claim and your legal claim surrounding liability if you believe that a defective part possibly caused your injuries. That’s why your concerns need to be shared directly with an injury lawyer immediately after the accident happens so you have a better chance of proceeding with full recovery of damages. The right lawyer will be able to help you put together the paperwork needed to trigger such a claim.

Experts who are familiar with the manufacturer of the motor vehicles will be able to identify what caused your injuries. All of the evidence must be preserved after a serious accident. Consulting with a New York manufacturing defect car accident lawyer immediately after the accident is extremely important to avoid missing out on all the potential compensation and benefits available to you. In crashes that involve serious damage to a vehicle, it can be difficult or impossible to preserve all the evidence such as the car.

Once a vehicle and all the evidence inside is gone, it will be extremely difficult to prove that the vehicle itself was defective prior to the crash. That's why you need to retain a manufacturing defect car accident lawyer in New York immediately to ensure that all of the evidence is not only preserved but properly maintained. Information such as where that vehicle is stored, who has access to it and types of testing that are ultimately done on that vehicle could all have negative consequences if you are not careful and if you don't retain the relevant legal representation you need. Furthermore, while maintaining evidence certainly has a vital in your ability to recover compensation in a claim involving manufacturing defects, manufacturing defects must be unearthed with a comprehensive investigation. Defective products are managed differently than accidents involving NY’s No-fault law.

This can be managed by your New York defective vehicle part attorney who may return additional experts to identify whether a viable claim exists. Any testing should occur without impacting the integrity of the evidence and your lawyer will work hard to ensure that non-destructive testing is used, such as taking measurements and photographs that will not impact the vehicle's overall integrity. If the lawsuit is filed and it is determined that destructive testing must occur, the parties will usually be able to agree on protocol that can identify what caused the accident. Numerous recalls have been established in recent years associated with manufacturing defects in cars. Unfortunately, drivers do not realize they are operating an unsafe vehicle until a catastrophic accident and resulting injuries have occurred.

Whether you are the person who caused the accident because you lost control of the vehicle due to a manufacturing defect or you were injured in an accident that may have been partially caused by a manufacturing defect, your ability to recover compensation depends on how quickly you can contact an experienced attorney who will go to bat for you and fight extensively in the court system. There's a lot on the line for your future as a person who has been injured in a manufacturing defect vehicle accident. Consulting with a lawyer is vital to your next steps.

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