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New York Motorcycle Accident Settlement

If you have recently been hurt in a serious accident involving a motorcycle, you may wonder if you have to go to court or not. Many people who are seriously hurt in a motorcycle accident are looking at years of reconstructive surgery, rehabilitation, physical therapy and other expenses and invasive treatments involved in their life. For this reason, they may not want to pursue comprehensive litigation to protect themselves. It can be overwhelming to be in this situation especially if you don’t have the help of a New York motorcycle accident settlement attorney.

A New York motorcycle accident lawyer is instrumental to developing a compelling case that shows the insurance company and other parties that you are serious about maximum recovery.

Settlement talks can begin as soon as possible after you have initiated a motorcycle accident claim. A motorcycle accident settlement attorney in New York will work with the insurance company and the other party to illustrate the facts of your case to help show them that it is in their best interests to settle outside of court.

Many parties, and in particular insurance carriers, are knowledgeable about the uncertainty associated with typical litigation. For this reason, they may be highly motivated to work with you in settlement talks but this is not always guaranteed. You need to be sure that you have an attorney who understands whether or not settlement is in your best interests, considering all your damages.

A motorcycle accident settlement lawyer in New York should understand that litigation may not be in your best interests if you need prompt payment of your medical bills and want to move on from this accident as soon as possible.

Settlement offers that are usually made by the insurance company or the other party early on in an accident claim may not compensate you in full for your injuries. Being tempted to take this money and run means that you will have to sign paperwork absolving your right to ever pursue an injury claim against these responsible parties again. This could be a major mistake in your case and one you don’t realize until many years down the road.

For this reason, you should always be comprehensively prepared to pursue a claim with the help of the right lawyer who is dedicated to doing everything in his or her power for maximum recovery for you. Knowing your options available to you and evaluating a settlement offer that you would deem to be fair empowers your attorney to engage in these talks and present the evidence that shows that it is always in the best interests of the other side to settle outside of court.

Settlement is possible in the vast majority of the accident cases. Many parties realize the time, frustration and expense associated with litigation and will do as much as possible to minimize that by only taking on settlement talks early on. Settlement talks can occur at any point throughout the litigation process and can even occur while the lawsuit is being evaluated by a judge. Knowing that settlement is always an option may encourage the other party when they believe that the facts presented in the litigated case are quite compelling and can lead to full and fair recovery for you as the accident victim. They may bring to you a last-minute settlement offer that is truly fair and enables you to pay your medical bills and move on with the expenses and other damages directly tied to your accident. You need to have a number in mind when initiate these legal proceedings to give yourself the best possible chance of being prepared should they come forward to you with a settlement offer.

Knowing the path in front of you when having an attorney who can help you navigate this complex process can go a long way towards giving you the peace of mind required in this overwhelming situation. You deserve to have a lawyer who has a track record of carrying out these cases as successfully as possible for the victims.

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