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New York Motorcycle Injury Risks Accident

A New York motorcycle injury risks accident lawyer is someone who will have gone to court on numerous occasions to fight back on behalf of injured victims. This person may have a track record of resolving these issues outside of court and getting the necessary compensation for a hurt motorcycle rider to pay their medical bills and move on with their life.

While riding a motorcycle can be one of the most exhilarating experiences a human can experience, unfortunately, the danger of riding a motorcycle is enough to keep many people off bikes altogether and to lead drivers to ignore bikes on the road.

There are good reasons to be aware of the risks of riding a bike like this, especially if you’re not comfortable on one. Many people practice for some time before being comfortable riding their bike on a regular basis. Once you’ve got control of the bike, however, the biggest risk facing motorcycle riders has to do with other drivers on the road. Those drivers may not be ready to share the road with bikes or may have perceptions about how riders will behave. This could put everyone sharing the same road at a higher risk of being seriously hurt in an accident. A cyclist may not be able to get out of the way of an oncoming accident in time.

Motorcycling requires more brain function and more focus than driving a car because the process of riding a bike is more mentally and physically draining than driving anything with four wheels. There are so many different variables involved in proper motorcycling and therefore, a New York motorcycle injury risks accident attorney can tell you that more riders face a risk of being involved in a crash. Even in the hands of a mature and properly trained user, fatal accidents can affect motorcycle riders.

Responsible use and proper training can make a big difference in a person's likelihood of being involved in a motorcycle accident but there is only so much the motorcyclists themselves can do to decrease their chances of a crash. Other drivers play a critical role in the vast majority of motorcycle accidents.

A motorcycle injury risk accident lawyer in New York can tell you that many of the statistics illustrate that the risk of catastrophic injury or fatalities is much higher for motorcycle riders. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, for example, shared that nearly 5,000 people were killed while riding a motorcycle in 2015. That represented a more than 8% increase in fatalities from 2014.

With more than 8.6 million commercial and private motorcycles on the road in 2015, that means the chances of being involved in a serious accident are one out of around 1700. However, the fatality rate for every registered vehicle assigned to a motorcyclist was up to seven times higher than the fatality rate for passengers in a traditional car in 2014.

Other data illustrates that motorcyclists were 27 times as likely than passengers in cars to die in a crash for every vehicle mile traveled. The right motorcycle accident attorney needs to be retained as soon as possible to investigate the scene of an incident and to give an injured rider a greater perspective on the potentially liable parties. The stakes involved in a traditional motorcycle accident are quite high because of the significant costs of recovery associated with serious injuries like a traumatic brain injury or paralysis to the spinal cord.

When multiple injuries including road rash and other catastrophic injuries are affecting a motorcycle rider, he or she needs to be equipped with the right legal understanding of his or her rights and the pursuit of full and fair compensation under the law. The only person who can help to break apart these various issues and identify the contributing factors towards the crash that pinpoint that someone else is liable is the right motorcycle accident lawyer.

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