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New York Radiation Burn Injury

A New York radiation burn injury attorney should be contacted as soon as possible after you have sustained severe and life changing injuries. If you have already sustained burn injuries associated with radiation on the job, you need to have your case evaluated by an experienced lawyer.

A radiation burn must be treated immediately after the accident occurs in order to get a diagnosis right away.

A radiation burn injury attorney in New York is your most powerful advocate. A radiation burn injury attorney can help you with putting together a claim for damages and recovery. Unfortunately, radiation burns can happen in the workplace and can lead to significant side effects. A radiation burn occurs when someone is exposed to radiant energy.

Radiation burns can result from exposure to sun lamps, tanning booths or beds, exposure to the sun, radiation during cancer treatments and x-rays. While the risks of radiation burns may be known and accepted, for example, when radiation in the form of chemotherapy can save a life, other instances involve radiation burns associated with negligence or an accident. These can cause unintended and serious harm.

Radiation exposure may also happen in the workplace when performing certain jobs. Radiation is a type of energy that is transmitted in particles or electromagnetic waves. When a body is exposed to high levels of radiation, that radiation interacts with the body cells and this can cause harm to the patient. These cells may be damaged by the excess energy transmitted by the radiation.

The damage associated with radiation burns depends on the overall source of the radiation and the extent of the exposure. Skin damage may occur in the form of chronic radio dermatitis or acute radio dermatitis. The resulting burns from radiation exposure are usually classified as beta burns. These are similar to a sunburn and are most often relatively shallow. However, much deeper burns known as gamma burns can also be associated with radiation exposure.

In all of these situations, you need the support of an experienced attorney to help you. Anyone who is exposed to severe types of radiation could be at risk of radiation burns. Those who are at the highest risk of developing radiation burns include those who work in radiation therapy or imaging fields, airport security personnel, cancer patients undergoing radiation therapy, those who regularly use tanning beds or sun lamps and anyone who is exposed to radio frequency through high power radio transmitters.

Negligence may be associated with personal injury claims linked to radiation burns and your case should always be looked at carefully by an attorney. When radiation exposure is unintended or unintentional, but can ultimately be tied to another person's negligent or reckless behavior, this may be used as grounds to file a lawsuit.

When workplace exposure to radiation or accidental over exposure to radiation has caused significant burns, you may be able to file a claim to have your medical bills and other costs covered. If you were exposed to excess radiation because of someone else's negligence or a breach of legal duty, you may be able to sue for negligence.

You need the support of a lawyer who has been working in this field for numerous years in order to get you the compensation you deserve and to file a timely claim for maximum recovery. An experienced attorney can help you navigate the justice system and fight for maximum recovery of the compensation you may need to move on with your life after this devastating situation.

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