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New York Recalled Vehicle Part Accident

Have you recently been involved in an accident because a part on your vehicle was ultimately recalled? Many people do not realize that a part on their car has been recalled until an accident has already happened. If this has happened to you and you have caused a devastating accident or been involved in an accident that was made worse by a defective vehicle part, you need a lawyer who will help you navigate the justice system effectively.

A New York recalled vehicle part accident attorney will investigate the part in question and determine whether or not you are eligible to pursue a product liability claim against the responsible manufacturer. This information can prove pertinent in your personal injury case because you may need it to illustrate the severe injuries that you have sustained. The right attorney is an important asset in the overall perspective of your case.

Without a lawyer to assist you with such a claim, it is easy to find yourself completely overwhelmed and a recalled vehicle part accident lawyer in New York will have extensive experience managing claims like this to assist you with investigating what could have gone wrong. Keeping the necessary evidence, which in this case would be your vehicle itself, is crucial to identifying whether a part should have been recalled or was already recalled, but you did not yet know about it. This information is essential, if you need to move forward with a personal injury claim and to share if you are filing a claim against someone else who ultimately caused the accident. In some situations, another person's reckless or negligent behavior could have contributed to the accident itself, but a recalled vehicle part or a part that should have been recalled in your vehicle could have made the accident much worse.

Unfortunately, manufacturers often push many of these products to market well before they are properly tested for safety. This means that you as the driver and any passengers inside your vehicle may end up suffering if this part should have been recalled by the manufacturer, but the information about claims from other owners was kept secret. In some cases, you may have noticed that a part did not function properly and you shared this with your mechanic and the dealership. Ultimately, these complaints may make it all the way up to the manufacturer. After receiving dozens or hundreds of these types of complaints, typically a manufacturer will consider issuing a recall, if it is obvious that a design or a manufacturing defect is what causes the problem and leaves people exposed to serious accidents and injuries. However, if the manufacturing company refuses to issue a recall or argues that it was instead driver error, this is important information that should be shared directly with an experienced recalled vehicle part attorney in New York.

An accident caused by a part that should have been recalled or was only recently recalled could be devastating. In fact, news reports have been plentiful over the last several years associated with vehicle parts that were ultimately recalled. Whether it is exploding air bags or fuel tanks that can ignite suddenly, defective vehicle parts are becoming extremely common and these are causing numerous accidents throughout New York and the rest of the country. Holding a manufacturer responsible and being able to pursue maximum compensation in an injury claim are vital if you need to put the pieces of your life back together. You cannot hesitate to take action in a claim like this because there are many different concerns, you and your loved ones may have. Trying to figure out your life after such a devastating accident is often overwhelming and confusing.

Having an attorney who can help you file the appropriate legal claims, be it against another negligent driver or a product liability claim because of a recalled vehicle part, may be the only way for you to get the funds you need to begin putting the pieces of your life together again and looking forward to a successful future. Full recovery from your injury should be your primary goal as soon as possible after an accident and getting medical attention and receiving a diagnosis is the first step towards this end goal. Talking to an experienced lawyer will help you recover the funds you need necessary in a legal claim.

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