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New York Right Turn Accidents

Unfortunately, intersection collision accidents and the resulting right turn accidents make up a large proportion of motor vehicle crashes, not just in New York city but around the state. This is due to the fact that the structure of an intersection when two or more roads cross one another, increases the chances of an accident to begin with. This becomes even more problematic when there is excessive traffic in the area. When you have grounds for a legal claim, you need to talk to a NY right turn accidents lawyer immediately to build a case.

The action of drivers at these intersections can also increase the chance for accidents because drivers are frequently turning right, crossing over or turning left. Research from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows that up to 40% of all car accidents are related to an intersection. It may not come as a surprise that intersection collision accidents are frequently caused by behavior attributed to negligent drivers that primarily have to do with drivers not paying appropriate attention. The most frequent cause of these accidents is known as inadequate surveillance. The law in New York stipulates that a driver has a responsibility to see what can be seen. Failure to notice obstacles in the way can increase that person's chances of an inherently negligent act. When negligence is involved and your injuries were caused by someone else, talk to a right turn accidents attorney in NY immediately.

Claims by drivers that they didn't see another driver or that a person came out of nowhere making a right turn and causing a right turn accident are not strong excuses for a crash and New York will take a narrow view regarding drivers who use these kinds of defenses. Many of the most common causes of right turn accidents have to do with false assumptions about another driver's actions. An illegal road maneuver, turning while you have an obstructed view, misjudging another's speed, or the space available or an internal distraction.

On some occasions, a defective traffic control device might also cause a right turn accident. State and local governments clearly regulate the actions of drivers at intersections. Many accidents that happen with right turn accidents will involve a driver's violation of at least one of the New York state vehicle and traffic laws or other applicable regulations and rules. Personal injuries may result from a right turn accident in New York and sadly, intersection collision wrecks lead to some of the most devastating injuries seen in car wreck cases.

The at-fault vehicle may be going at a high rate of speed and hits another vehicle. When this other vehicle is moving or when one or more drivers are under the influence of alcohol or distracted at the time, a side impact collision or a head on collision is likely. The force of impact in a right turn accident is so high that it can increase the chance of serious injuries or even death.

Many intersection collision accidents in New York involve side impacts. Usually the front of a vehicle will hit the side of a separate car. This means that the occupants in the front and rear of the vehicle who are struck from the side can experience the outside of the car crumpling relatively quickly. The side of a motor vehicle has less opportunity to absorb an impact and to crumple. Even though some newer vehicles do have side airbags, the protection provided to them in comparison with front airbags is very limited. If an impact happens near a door, a passenger or a driver in a car can be hit with a great deal of force and suffer catastrophic injuries.

Sadly, right turn accidents can lead to some very severe injuries such as paraplegia, quadriplegia, serious fractures to the legs, spinal cord injuries or traumatic brain injuries. An attorney who regularly litigates right turn accident cases can be extremely valuable in pursuing a personal injury claim.

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