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New York Roof Crush Accident

Have you recently been hurt in an accident that was made much worse by the fact that the roof was crushed on top of you? If you've ever been involved in a vehicle accident in which your vehicle's roof was crushed or caved in, you need to contact a New York roof crush attorney immediately to discuss your case. In addition to any claims of negligence you may have against the party responsible for causing the accident, such as someone who was distracted or violating the road laws at the time, you may also have grounds to pursue a defective product claim against the manufacturer of your roof.

If your roof was not made safely, you need a New York roof crush lawyer to help you. Unfortunately, far too many people have been seriously injured because of the defective automobiles and it has become increasingly important to hold these product manufacturers responsible. This can send a clear message to these manufacturers that violating safety and making drivers and passengers unsafe comes at a major cost. You need the skills and knowledge managed by a roof crush injury lawyer in New York to recover funds on your behalf. Many passengers and drivers suffer the consequences of defective roof when they are critically hurt in a multi-vehicle or single vehicle accident.

When you are hurt in a rollover accident or any other type of car crash that puts the roof on the ground, you as a passenger or driver is at critical risk for devastating injuries due to a roof crush or roof caving in. The majority of passenger vehicles today do not have appropriate roof support that helps to keep this important component of the car from collapsing when the vehicle is flipped over. Given the number of news stories in recent years that have talked about the prevalence of rollover accidents, considering roof crush injuries is even more important. It is the responsibility of auto manufacturers to produce safe vehicles that do not put occupants or drivers at risk for injuries.

In the event that an auto maker fails to do this, they could be held liable for any fatalities or injuries caused by their negligence. There are a number of different problems that can lead to a roof caving in, including defective vehicle production and roof, defective roof design and improper installation of the roof. Although roof crush accidents are most commonly caused by a rollover incident, there are other causes including an object that is dropped on the roof from a higher elevation. A roof crush incident carries the potential for catastrophic injuries that could come with lengthy recovery times and costly medical bills.

Some common examples of injuries sustained in roof crush accidents includes paralysis, spinal cord injury and brain injury. A roof crush accident could also cause someone to be trapped inside the car and completely unable to escape. It is your right as the victim in a roof crush incident to hold a vehicle manufacturer responsible for injuries that were sustained by defective and dangerous automobiles sold to you. Filing an auto product liability lawsuit against the manufacturer with eth help of a roof crush injury attorney in New York can help to encourage them to improve the quality of their vehicles and protect others from suffering these life changing injuries as a result. You have the right to pursue when you have suffered injuries caused by rollovers and by a roof crush. You need an attorney who is thoroughly experienced in fighting back against these manufacturers who will have extensive legal teams. The right lawyer should be on hand immediately to give you the best possible chance for full and fair recovery. You don't know your rights until you've had the opportunity to walk through your legal claim with the help of a knowledgeable attorney who will not give up.

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