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New York Seat Belt Failure Injury

When you get in your car and put on your seatbelt and take advantage of the other protections of your vehicle, you will expect that that seatbelt is going to protect you because you hear the typical click. When an accident happens however, your seatbelt may not restrain occupants or lock up as it is intended to do. When an accident is made much worse because of seatbelt failure, you need an attorney who will file a product liability claim to protect you. These complex cases require a lawyer who is not scared of pursuing maximum compensation to fight for your rights, and it can be overwhelming to pursue a claim like this on your own.

A seatbelt failure accident attorney in New York will conduct an exhaustive investigation to figure out what might have happened with your seatbelt and how this could have been prevented with appropriate design or manufacturing of the seatbelt itself.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration identified that in one year, nearly 2.9 million individuals were hurt because of a defective seatbelt and 43,000 of those individuals died as a result. Furthermore, even if you are lucky enough to survive an accident in which seatbelt failure was a common problem, your injuries may be much worse than otherwise expected because you anticipated that the seatbelt was there to protect you. There are many different things that could wrong that are all classified as seatbelt failure. A New York seatbelt failure accident lawyer will help explain to you how the accident occurred and how the failure of your seatbelt contributed to the overall injuries you sustained.

Buckle failure is one common cause of seatbelt failure. Even if a buckle locks into place when you get inside the car, the pressure of an accident can cause it to break free. If the buckle breaks free when 5 lbs. of force or less is exerted, the buckle is not up to standards.

Another common issue with seatbelt failure is a webbing defect; the seatbelt could maintain a design defect that makes it likely to split or tear, which renders the safety restraint useless in an accident as any New York seatbelt failure accident attorney can tell you. Certain materials are more likely to tear than others but even a small tear could render you with disabling injuries. The final common cause of seatbelt failure in a New York accident is known as torsion bar failure.

This is a mechanism that is designed to release the seatbelt when there is so much pressure on it that an individual could be severely injured by it as it's too powerful. If too of the seatbelt is released however, then you're not restrained at all and this could lead to catastrophic injuries. Determining who may be responsible for your defective seatbelt is important in the immediate days and weeks after the accident. Both vehicle manufacturers and the product manufacturer could be held partially at fault for a seatbelt failure. Designers of seatbelts must come up with a truly effective system to protect you in the event of an accident, but if the belt doesn't function as planned, you could be eligible to file a product liability lawsuit. Even if a seatbelt has been properly tested, the industry is often slow to implement technology which means that an antiquated or outdated seatbelt system in a car could leave you suffering severe injuries. You may be eligible to sue a manufacturer for various injuries associated with an accident. The right thing to do is to identify a defective seatbelt lawyer in New York who has experience taking on these companies for a seatbelt that was improperly designed or put into a car. The right lawyer is vital when preparing yourself for a claim like this as there is a lot at stake and a lot on the line for your ability to file a legal claim. The right investigation can determine what parties may be held liable for your injuries and empower you to take the necessary steps to protect yourself.

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