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New York Shower Falls Injury

Have you recently have been hurt because you slipped and fell in the shower? If so, it may not be your fault that you slipped and fell. In fact, the medical expenses and other damages associated with such an accident may be the responsibility of a negligent property owner or premises manager. Unfortunately, shower and bath tub areas are by their very nature a risky place for slip and fall injuries.

They are naturally prone to being slippery and wet and are frequently used, meaning that it is far too easy to slip and fall. As any New York shower falls injury lawyer can tell you however, many of these accidents are not the fault of someone being clumsy however.

A shower falls injury lawyer in New York who has handled many cases on behalf of injured victims, for example, will be able to tell you more about how these accidents are generally caused by the negligent property management or ownership tactics engaged in by companies responsible for maintaining safe premises.

A recent study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, for example, found that more than 230,000 hospital patients aged 15 or older were treated in emergency rooms because of injuries in the bathroom and more than 80% of those were caused by slip and falls. If a shower fall could have been preventable because it was a dangerous condition on the property, you may be eligible to pursue compensation with the help of a lawyer.

You need a veteran premises liability lawyer who will conduct a comprehensive investigation into what happened and help you articulate a plan for recovery. There are numerous different examples of cases in which a property owner or manager was aware of a risky condition or should have known about it but did not take the necessary action that could have been avoided it from happening in the first place.

Bathrooms have a tendency to pose slip and fall risks to patrons but property owners can take several measures to reduce that risk, including posting signs, warning of a wet floor, installing safety bars inside a bathroom, installing a chair or bench inside the shower, using non-slip mats inside the shower, routine maintenance and cleaning, putting carpet or non-slip mats on tubs, toilets and sinks and more.

Although small children are at high risk of significant injuries, anybody can slip and fall in a bathroom. Particularly vulnerable are elderly adults who could sustain broken bones or fractures.

Elderly individuals are more likely to fall but they are also more likely to sustain serious consequences when they do fall. Something that could easily bruise a younger person might lead to significant injuries for an elderly individual. The National Institute of Health share that the individuals at the highest risk of injury from a shower fall include those who have physical disabilities that limit their movement, those who are affected by weakened muscles due to rehabilitation or aging, and seniors who have limited mobility because of compromised joints. The falling rate is also 72% higher for women than men when it comes to slip and falls in the shower. Whether it's damage to internal organs, abrasions, contusions or death, you may have grounds to pursue a personal injury claim if a property owner knew about a dangerous shower condition but did not correct it. Figuring out liability in bathroom slip and fall injury cases is extremely important for articulating a case. This process will depend on your unique circumstances.

Shower stalls and bath tubs are inherently slippery and possibly dangerous, however, if a property owner knew about a reasonable risk including a dangerous condition in the bathroom but failed to do anything to fix it, or if he or she claims that they were ignorant of the problem but would have discovered if they were engaged in regular maintenance, this could prove important for your personal injury claim.

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