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New York Super Market Spill Slip and Fall

Have you been hurt because you slipped on something in a super market that should have been cleaned up immediately? If so, this may prompt you to file a premises liability case against the grocery store. The grocery store or supermarket maintains responsibility for ensuring that hazards are kept out of the way of potential customers and furthermore, that they will respond immediately in the event that something spills or falls off the shelves.

Supermarkets and grocery stores could be held liable for personal injuries that occur on their premises. When you hire a supermarket spill slip and fall attorney, he or she may go after this company vigorously in order to fight for your right. If they can show that the unsafe condition exists on the property and the supermarket management should have known about it or did know about and didn’t take action, this can lead to a premises liability lawsuit. The right supermarket slip and fall injury attorney in New York will guide you through the legal process to give you the best chance of full and fair recovery.

Some of the most common types of premises liability claims that emerge relating to supermarkets include injuries from goods that fall off displays, injuries from slip and falling off liquids on the floor, injuries from accidents with shopping carts and injuries from tripping over objects in the aisles such as displays. As with many kinds of businesses that are open to the public, grocery stores have a legal responsibility to maintain safe premises to protect customers. Accidents and injuries that occur in grocery stores, department stores and other locations may be held liable if the injured victim can show that catastrophic injury could have been prevented and an unsafe condition on the property needs to be identified quickly and removed. The following factors may be able to illustrate that super market was negligent in the injuries you sustained. These include;

  • Showing inadequate cleanup.
  • That the store owner knew or should have known about the condition.
  • That this was a recurring dangerous condition about which other people had complained in the past.
  • Inappropriate cleanup was performed.
  • There was a long period of time between the creation of hazard or the obstacle and the accident.
  • There was evidence that the substance was on the floor for a long time.
  • There was evidence that employees should have identified the liquid on the floor or heard a bottle breaking.

A grocery store could be held liable for dangerous and unsafe conditions that exists on the premises that caused injuries under several different theories. For example, a store owner could be held liable if they created the unsafe and dangerous condition or if they did not create it themselves but failed to take steps to remedy it as soon as possible.

You must show that the supermarket manager should have known or knew that the unsafe condition existed. Some evidence from an unsafe condition or spill needs to be illustrated as soon as possible and gathering evidence at the scene of the accident is the best way to improve your chances of showing this. The right attorney is a major asset towards the development of your case and one should be retained immediately to give you the best possible chance for recovering damages in a case like this.

You need to contact an attorney if you have been injured at a grocery store because only a lawyer can tell you whether or not you have grounds to file a case and whether you are still within the time period for filing a legal claim. Given that there are so many complex factors involved in the management of a slip and fall injury claim, you cannot afford to hesitate to get help. Wait too long and you could be barred from ever bringing forth a personal injury or premises liability claim. Make sure you gather your evidence including statements from eyewitnesses and share this with an injury lawyer immediately.

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