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New York Uneven Floor Accident

Have you recently been hurt in an incident caused by an uneven floor? Although not every slip and fall accident will lead you to file a personal injury claim, an uneven floor situation could entitle you to maximum compensation recovery under the law. A New York uneven floor accident lawyer can tell you more about what your case must prove in order for you to recover claims. Whether it was a hole in the floor, a crack, or something else, you need to investigate promptly.

There are many different situations that could contribute to slip and fall accidents, but the key feature of whether or not a claim can be filed in court is whether the person knew about the condition or should have known. This is known as liability if you’re the victim who slips and falls on a location that should have been corrected or cleaned up.

The property manager might argue they didn’t know the floor was uneven, but it’s their responsibility to stay on top of maintenance issues so that accidents don’t happen.

Hazardous floors, according to the National Floor Safety Institute, are in fact the leading cause of ER visits for slip and fall injuries. These injuries may include TBIs, broken bones, fractures, and other similar medical conditions. Uneven floors do include loose or uneven surfaces. These premises liability lawsuits can be lodged against a property owner or manager when the incident should have been corrected or prevented and when someone suffers critical injuries.

If someone suffers injuries from a slip and fall accident due to an uneven floor and retains a New York uneven floor accident lawyer, the property owner could be held liable. The injured person may have a number of different methods to pursue compensation for lost income, losses tied to the accident, and medical treatment.

The property owner's insurance is often the first chance to pursue claims. You need an uneven floor accident attorney in New York to assist you as a victim. You may be able to pursue a proper insurance settlement if you have sustained injuries in a falling accident because of uneven floors. Regardless of the type of flooring in a building, home, store, or office, it has to be safe for visitors. This requires both maintenance and appropriate installation.

More than 2 million fall injuries every single year are caused by flooring materials and floors. In addition to cleaning up temporary hazards like spills, property owners must care for their flooring as well. Various types of flooring present unique hazards. For example, hardwood floors can warp overtime; tiles can become loosened by grout and glue that wear down and break away; Carpet and area rugs can bunch up, wrinkle or tear; and vinyl and linoleum floors can warp, crack, peel, or turn up at the edges. An appropriate installation of the floor is also a crucial consideration in your legal case. If a floor was not installed in line with the manufacturer's directions or if the subflooring was not properly treated or levelled before the installation of the surface floor, an uneven floor may occur. If you slipped and fell because of an uneven floor surface, someone else may be held responsible for your injuries. It's not always easy to identify these situations but the right attorney will be a critical component in your eligibility to pursue maximum compensation with your claim. Uneven floors can lead to critical injuries or even death.

Children and elderly individuals are particularly susceptible to slip and fall injuries. Anyone can suffer a spine or back injury or a broken bone. If a business owner has neglected their property or the flooring at their home, office, or business, and this leads to someone's injury, a wrongful death or personal injury claim may be appropriate. You need an uneven floor accident lawyer in New York to investigate the circumstances of your slip and fall incident and advise you of your legal options.

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