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The law firm of Stephen Bilkis & Associates, PLLC was created in 1997, in order to provide the high quality legal services to the people of New York. To achieve this end, each one of our lawyers and staff are exceptionally skilled and experienced. We are dedicated to each one of our clients, focusing on their individual needs in order to help them achieve their legal goals.

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Personal Injury

Our Personal Injury Attorneys as well as our Of Counsel attorneys at Stephen Bilkis & Associates, PLLC represented thousands of injury victims in New York. Our skilled attorneys have helped our clients recover hundreds of millions of dollars during their professional careers. Our team of New York Personal Injury Attorneys together has won over 200 settlements and verdicts that exceed one million dollars. Our areas of practice include Medical Malpractice, Car Accident, Construction Accident, Birth Injury, Slip and Fall, Motorcycle Accident Burn Injury, Hit and Run, Brain Injury, Wrongful Death, Spinal Injury and Truck Accident cases. If you have suffered a personal Injury, contact our team for a completely free consultation at 800.696.9529.

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Criminal Defense

Our Criminal Lawyers at Stephen Bilkis & Associates, PLLC have successfully represented thousands of traffic and criminal cases during their professional careers. We firmly believe that our clients are innocent until prove guilty. We work tirelessly to defend our client’s legal rights in both New York State Court as well as United States Federal Court. Whether it is negotiating a plea bargain, or taking a matter to trial, the New York Times, Newsday, The Daily News, as well as other television and media sources have noted our successes. Our Criminal Defense Attorneys have successfully handled a wide array of cases including DWI and DUI, Robbery, Driving Felonies, Traffic Infractions, and Misdemeanors. We have also successfully handled Domestic Violence cases involving Orders of Protection, Assault, Gun Crime including illegal handguns and automatic weapons, Sex Crime including Sex Abuse, Rape, and Possession of Child Pornography, White Collar Crime including Securities Fraud and Bank Fraud. If you need a lawyer for a Criminal matter, we will provide you a free consultation. Contact us today at 800.696.9529.

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Probate and Estate Law

Our experienced Probate and Estate Lawyers from Stephen Bilkis & Associates, PLLC have successfully represented our client’s probate and estate administration cases that have been worth millions of dollars. Regardless of the value of the estate involved, we give each of our clients professional and prompt personal attention.

Many questions can arise in a probate matter. Such as whether there was a will involved. Was there a representative appointed to handle the estate? The estate needs to be administered, in that the estate bills need to be paid, the assets collected, and the distributions to the beneficiaries made. These are just a few issues that can arise in an estate matter.

Our estate lawyers represent administrators, executors and beneficiaries in estate proceedings. It is not unusual to find that a beneficiary is unable to collect their money because of misappropriation of by an estate executor. We believe that many problems can be addressed without litigation. Unfortunately, sometimes it is necessary to resolve a dispute. If you have an estate or Probate matter, contact our office for a free consultation today at 800.696.9529.

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Family Law

The Divorce Lawyers and Family Lawyers from Stephen Bilkis & Associates, PLLC have almost a century of legal experience to draw from. They can help you fully understand where you stand legally, and ensure that your legal rights are protected. Perhaps as a mother, you are looking to relocate, or get your child support payments increased. On the other hand, maybe you are embroiled in a battle with your ex-husband, who now is fighting for custody of your children. We handle these types of cases and have successfully handled divorce matters, custody matters, child support cases, visitation disputes, Guardianship matters, Grandparent’s rights, Paternity and more. When you contact our office, we will offer you a free consultation. Call us today at 800.696.9529.

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Client Reviews
When my mom, who is suffering from dementia, faced a slip and fall personal injury lawsuit, I contacted Stephen Bilkis of the Law Offices of Stephen Bilkis & Associates. Not only did he provide a strategy for defending the claim, he also advised me on steps to take to avoid future personal liability. Whether you are the defendant or plaintiff in an injury case, I highly recommend Mr. Bilkis. S.M.