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New York Ride Share Accident Liability

Uber and Lyft are extremely popular not just in New York City but in other major metropolitan areas. These companies have emerged on the scene as a very popular method for people to get a ride from one place to another. They often surpass taxi cabs in terms of cleanliness, affordability, convenience and safety. However, serious questions emerge as soon as you have been involved in such an accident. You may be curious about what your rights are as an injured passenger. This makes it even more important to hire a New York ride share liability accident attorney.

These companies have different rules and different insurance issues involved in filing a claim, so this makes the hiring of the right attorney even more vital to your ability to get funds for your injuries. How you handle the immediate moments and hours after an accident will likely impact how much and how quickly you can recover.

A knowledgeable New York ride share liability accident lawyer will discuss the circumstances and facts of your individual case to help you file claims against all potential defendants. Ride share accidents are much more complex than a traditional personal injury claim because multiple parties may be held responsible for the injuries you sustain. For example, you could have grounds against a negligent driver who is distracted by their phone at the time of the accident but you also could pursue an injury claim against the employer company such as Lyft or Uber.

If that company was negligent in their hiring or management of such a driver. It is important to note that Lyft and Uber do require the drivers to go through background checks and maintain motor vehicle insurance. However, these drivers are not employees of the respective company and are instead classified as independent contractors.

The primary difference between an employee and an independent contractor rests with the level of control that it has maintained over the driver. This is one critical aspect that makes the determination of liabilities so important. A ride share liability accident attorney in New York will examine all the facts of your case to figure out who could be held responsible and to pursue maximum compensation for those liable. Multiple parties may share in their responsibility for the cost of your injuries and resulting damages. This can include the insurance company, the Lyft or Uber driver or Uber or Lyft, the company. The following policy limits typically apply in an Uber case with regard to their direct liability. $1 million of under insured or uninsured motorist’s benefits are paid out per accident, providing coverage for a passenger in an Uber vehicle who is injured when another driver causes any type of accident. $1 million of liability coverage per accident, which is divided into property damage liability and bodily injury is provided for every crash. Furthermore, there is an algorithm with 50/100/25 of contingent coverage by Uber when they are in between fares.

This is paid only if the personal automobile insurance policy pays nothing or refuses to pay and this is contingent regarding the driver's individual automobile insurance. The determination of liability should be completed as soon as possible after the accident has occurred. You have a limited period of time in which to file an injury claim and without the help of a ride share labiality accident lawyer in New York, you may not realize that you could miss the deadline.

Talking to an experienced attorney immediately after the accident happens however, will give you a better perspective on what is involved in protecting your interests and how to proceed from maximum compensation being paid out in your claim. So many unique facets of personal injury claim associated with Uber and Lyft accidents can be managed by a lawyer who has handled cases like this before.

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