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New York Unexpected Car Fire Explosion

Do you know what to do if you are involved in an accident that causes a fire or an explosion? You may have many different questions about your liability and your eligibility to pursue a personal injury claim. That is where an unexpected car fire and explosion lawyer in New York is vital. These fires can lead to devastating injuries, suffering, and horrible burns. Unfortunately, some of the fires are completely preventable and they are needless.

If you have already been hurt however, you need the assistance of an unexpected car fire and explosion lawyer right away. A New York unexpected car fire and explosion attorney will investigate what may have caused your accident or led to the fire in the first place. A safe automobile design is often the cause of critical injuries in vehicle fires. When the car is defective, an injured person might have recourse to file an accident claim.

A safe automobile design decreases thee chance of fuel fed fires by giving appropriate protection to the fuel system and the fuel tank. This is a basic crash worthiness principle that enables the fuel system to stay intact and secure if a crash injures anyone. However, fuel tank defects are becoming increasingly common and reported in a number of lawsuits. Fuel lines and fuel pumps can also become damaged or made inappropriately, ultimately leading to injuries.

Fuel tank designs with defects and a problem with the placement of your car's fuel tank can cause a sudden fire if you have a wreck. A fuel tank should be located between two axles, but many automakers place them behind a rear axle, making them especially vulnerable in rear impacts. A few more locations for a fuel tank are also dangerous. For example, a pickup truck may have a side saddle fuel tank on the outside of the frame. In a side impact, this could be extremely vulnerable and could catch fire immediately.

Post collision vehicle fires can be caused by defects in the fuel pumps or the fuel lines. Fuel will go through the fuel lines of your truck or car with significant pressure. A rupture in the fuel line for that reason can lead the pump to leak significantly. Lines may also rupture due to poor routing or placement as well as poor composition of the material. Many cars that have fuel injected engines will also have fuel pumps that are electric. If a fuel pump does not shut off properly during a collision, as it is made to do, a fuel pump can circulate gasoline throughout the fuel system causing a sudden and unexplained fire.

A vehicle fire could trap you inside your car and make it very difficult for paramedics and other professionals to get to you. You might not even realize what is happening in such an incident until it is too late. That is why you need to retain a defective vehicle part attorney immediately to pursue a claim against the responsible manufacturer.

No one plans to have to hire a NY unexpected car fire accident lawyer, but the insight of someone who knows what to do in a case like this may prove very valuable. You can’t afford to wait too long to hire an attorney because you need someone protecting your interests immediately.

The manufacturer could be held responsible for defects with regard to design or manufacturing. If the design in and of itself was inherently dangerous, you may be able to pursue a claim. Likewise, if the manufacturing led to errors or misplacement of the fuel tank in your vehicle itself, you may be able to pursue a defective manufacturer claim as well. Prompt investigation of the vehicle itself is necessary to identify what applies in your individual case, but the right lawyer is always an asset in a claim like this.

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