With extensive knowledge and experience, the Bronx New York Injury Lawyers at Stephen Bilkis & Associates and its Of Counsel Accident Attorneys provide legal representation to individuals and their families who have suffered an injury due to the negligence of another.


Experienced Bronx NYC Injury Attorneys Stephen Bilkis & Associates

    Our highly experienced Bronx NYC lawyers and of counsel attorneys, collectively, have successfully handled thousands of personal injury cases, and have won through verdict or settlement hundreds of millions of dollars. The focus of our injury practice covers a wide variety of case types that range from brain injury, birth injury, spinal injury, injury caused by a doctor’s medical malpractice, injury resulting from a car accident, motorcycle accident and truck accident as well as other motor vehicle accidents. Our Firm also handles a wide range of workplace injuries such as construction accident cases, including cases that involve a scaffold accidents, heavy machinery as well as ladder falls and ladder accidents. We also deal with workers compensation when serious injury occurs as a result of slip and fall as well as many other types of accidents. Each highly skilled lawyer in our office aggressively represents our clients to get the best result possible under the law.

    If you are suffering because of someone else’s negligence, carelessness or reckless behavior or even due to someone’s lack of action, such as property maintenance, you need a seasoned lawyer to defend your legal rights and help you obtain compensation for your injury. Our hard-working attorneys understand how an injury can change your life and negatively affect the lives of friends and family. At Stephen Bilkis & Associates, our NYC & Bronx Personal Injury Lawyer team has helped many individuals and their families recover large verdicts and settlements from the traumatic effects of these life-changing injuries.

    Our team is experienced in many forms of accident claims and personal injury cases. If you are suffering from these types of injury or any other injury caused by a negligent act, contact our staff at Stephen Bilkis & Associates to discuss your legal options.

    Our lawyers at Stephen Bilkis & Associates are armed with the knowledge of New York’s history and evaluation of injury cases. With this knowledge, we can interpret developing legal trends in New York Courts in the Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island and Long Island (Suffolk County and Nassau County). We can also give sharp analysis of how the creation of new laws, regulations and judicial decisions can affect our client’s cases. This understanding often enables us to get the best results for each of our clients. Our years of experience in handling these cases provide our clients with a knowledgeable and successful firm. We are vigilant when New York law changes and prepared to deal with the way those changes will affect your brain injury case, spinal injury claim, medical malpractice case, birth injury claim or truck accident claim. We will apply our experience and knowledge of the law to successfully handle your case.

    Our lawyers continually are sharpening their legal knowledge by closely following any changes in current law in order to further help our clients. As importantly, we believe it is vital that your lawyer be knowledgeable with regard to your individual injury and circumstances. Statutes of limitations (the amount of time you are allowed to initiate a case after an accident or incident) are different in individual medical malpractice cases, as well as auto accident cases. These limitations are strict and if the time period is missed, you are forever prevented from bringing a lawsuit with regard to the incident. Therefore, it is important to act quickly and hire one of our experienced Bronx New York Injury Lawyers who can focus on the specifics of your claim and resulting case.

    Our NYC & Bronx Accident Attorneys have successfully handled many types of cases including:

    Bicycle Accident Injury Cases – This situation occurs when a cyclist suffers an injury caused by another person’s negligence. More often than not, a bicycle accident is a result of a motorist’s negligent operation of a vehicle. Failing to yield the right of way to a cyclist or failing to obey other traffic regulations can cause an accident, which harms the cyclist. A defective product or the improper assembly or manufacture of said product may also cause a bicycle accident. Failure of a property owner to adequately maintain his premises can also cause injury.

    Birth Injury Cases - These cases involve an injury to mother or child during the birth of a baby. This injury could be the result of negligent inaction by an obstetrician or the lack of sanitary conditions in a hospital. This type of injury often causes some form of harm to the mother as well as causing a physical or neurological disability or impairment to the baby.

    Brain Injury Cases - A brain injury occurs when any external force injures the brain. The injury can be the result of a truck accident, an act of violence or a slip and fall accident. The degree of damage as well as the location of the injury determines whether the injury is classified as traumatic brain injury. The severity of the injury can range from a minor physical injury such as a brain contusion to a more serious injury causing permanent neurological damage.

    Car Accident Injury Claims - A car accident is an incident involving a automobile which causes personal injury or property damage. In addition to involving vehicles, these accidents can involve stationary objects, as well as road debris. Car accidents are often the result of one driver’s negligence. The negligence is often in the form of inattentiveness, carelessness or the driver’s failure to obey traffic regulations.

    Construction Accident Cases - A construction accident happens when someone suffers an injury at a construction site. These accidents have many causes and many different parties can be liable for the resulting injuries. Falling tools or other objects often cause a construction accident. Other accidents involve individuals falling from a ladder or a scaffold, another kind of accident is that caused by defective or malfunctioning equipment.

    Medical Malpractice Cases - Medical malpractice happens when any healthcare provider acts in a negligent, reckless or careless manner or does not perform up to professional standards. An act of medical malpractice is not limited to a physician. It can also be attributed to nurses, dentists, surgeons, nursing homes, and hospitals, among others.

    Motorcycle Accident Cases – A motorcycle accident occurs when any individual suffers an injury while traveling on a motorcycle. These accidents have many causes. Among them are contact with another vehicle, road debris, dangerous roads and malfunctioning or defective motorcycle parts. Motorcycle accidents can cause severe and debilitating injury if the driver lacks the proper protection.

    Truck Accident Case - A truck accident case involves a motor vehicle accident with a tractor-trailer, 18-wheeler, semi-truck, rig or other commercial truck. These accidents often cause significant property damage, serious and disabling personal injury or wrongful death. In many cases, the accident is caused by truck driver error or negligence.

    Slip & Fall Injury Cases – A slip and fall injury claim involves an injury resulting from an individual slipping and falling due to a dangerous condition on another’s property. The slip and fall can be caused by water accumulation, ice or snow accumulation or another slippery or foreign substance on the floor.

    Spinal Injury Cases - A spinal injury occurs when an individual damages their spinal cord. The injury can lead to permanent paralysis. The individual suffering from this type of injury is faced with dramatic life-altering changes.

    Workers Compensation - If you suffer an injury on the job due to the a negligent act, reckless or dangerous acts of another or as a result of a job-related accident you may be entitled to pursue a claim to collect money for both your injury as well as your medical bills.

    Wrongful Death Cases – This kind of case arises after a negligent act leads to the death of an individual. A lawsuit maybe brought by a close relative, estate representative or beneficiary of the individual who died to recover money damages for the death. The death may be caused by many things, including a car accident, medical malpractice, construction accident or an act of violence. A Wrongful Death case often involves a claim for the deceased’s loss of income, their pain and suffering and for funeral and burial expenses.

    As a victim of another’s actions, you have the right to take legal action against the party, individual, business or entity that caused your injury. The legal action can help you recover from your financial loss due to high medical bills and expenses and loss of wages. You can also receive an award of money for compensation for your physical impairment, disability, loss of enjoyment of life and for physical and mental pain and suffering. If you or a loved one is suffering from a brain injury, spinal injury, birth injury, medical malpractice injury or injury caused by a any accident, contact our experienced attorneys at Stephen Bilkis & Associates to help you determine what legal actions to pursue. Our team recognizes the circumstances you and your family are in and we will work hard to repair this condition. Call us for a free consultation at 1-800 NY-NY-LAW to speak with a New York City or Bronx injury lawyer from one of our offices through out the New York Metro area.

    We offer a free initial consultation and have convenient locations throughout the New York City Metro Area, which includes Manhattan (New York County), Brooklyn (Kings County), Queens, Staten Island (Richmond County) and the Bronx, or on Long Island (Suffolk County and Nassau County) as well as Westchester County. At Stephen Bilkis & Associates, our team is acquainted with the different venues within New York and can handle injury cases all over New York City, Long Island and Westchester County.