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New York Greyhound Bus Accidents

No matter where you are travelling on a Greyhound bus, this can raise questions about liability and who is responsible for paying for your injuries when you have been hurt in such an accident. If you were recently hurt in a Greyhound bus crash, you need a New York Greyhound bus accident attorney on your side.

The company may be denying your right to recover compensation and refusing to accept any responsibility, but you may be wondering who will pay your medical bills after an accident that could have been prevented. If you believe that the driver was negligent and engaged in any type of behavior that put you and other passengers at risk, this information needs to be shared in court with the help of an experienced lawyer. If the injuries were severe, you may be able to get support for your medical bills.

Greyhound buses have been in service for nearly 100 years, but unfortunately, the company is often involved in serious accident lawsuits. A Greyhound bus accident attorney in New York will be the most important person you rely on as your case moves through the justice system. There more than 4,000 destinations across Mexico, Canada and the United States served by Greyhound. Although many people believe that this is a great source of worry free travel, an alarming number of Greyhound bus crashes have led to concern. Anyone could be hurt in a bus accident, and the party managing the bus line or the driver could be held responsible. Far too many of the most common causes of bus accidents are due to negligence.

If you or someone you know was recently harmed while riding a Greyhound bus, or if you have had to bury a loved one in a fatal Greyhound accident, you have the right to pursue for monetary compensation. The usual tactics engaged in by major corporations applies to Greyhound as well and they will often dispatch their legal teams and investigation teams to minimize their liability as soon as possible.

This can be an overwhelming experience for an accident victim, who simply wants his or her medical bills paid. It is important to speak with a Greyhound bus accident lawyer in New York, who has a proven track record of success; carrying out comprehensive investigations on behalf of victims.

There are many different types of compensation to which you may be entitled in a successful Greyhound accident claim, be it in settlement outside of court or in litigation. These include hospital bills, lost income, medical therapy, emotional anguish and any other losses that are directly tied to your injuries. Many of the Greyhound driver fatigue rules in recent accident claims are not being appropriately enforced.

Although Greyhound shares that safety is their number one priority as a company, a CNN investigation found that the bus line does not employ or enforce their own rules designed to prevent driver fatigue. This is a rule that stipulates that a driver should stop every 150 miles and get out to inspect the vehicle to ward off fatigue problems. Drivers are encouraged to stretch their muscles, do some exercises and get fresh air, but a review conducted by CNN found that the company does not enforce this rule in a broad range. The company argued in a recent lawsuit that they are unable to enforce these G40 rules because it would cost them money. Many cases have led to multi-million-dollar awards for people who have been seriously injured. You can expect that a passenger will be asked to provide a recorded statement immediately after the incident has occurred, answering questions about the moments leading up to the crash. You should not anticipate that anything carried out by Greyhound or their insurance company is in your best interests or will protect you going forward. Rather you need to have your own attorney review everything and provide you with further information about how to best protect yourself in this overwhelming situation.

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