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New York Truck Improper Lane Change

A New York truck improper lane change accident attorney is there for you when you have already tried to file a claim with the insurance company and have been unsuccessful in recovering compensation. An improper lane change in any vehicle is always dangerous, but the stakes are higher when it's a commercial truck.

An unsafe lane change or improper lane change usually means that a car or truck side swipes you or changes lanes directly in front of you, causing an accident to occur because there is little to no space between the cars. The penalty in New York for an unsafe lane change with regular drivers is three points on the negligent driver's license and a fine.

But if you and the passengers of your vehicle were injured because of a truck's improper lane change, the chances are that these injuries are severe, and you may not even be able to go back to work after they happen. Regardless of what size vehicle is changing lanes, the driver is responsible for verifying that it's safe to move before he or she does. They must check their blind spot, look in their mirrors and put on their turn signals before switching lanes, and failure to do so shows the negligence of the driver who made the unsafe lane change to begin with.

Much like a rear end accident, an incident caused by an improper lane change may cause injuries to you, but the insurance adjuster in the case may try to get you to settle for a low amount or offer you no settlement at all. An improper lane change truck accident attorney in New York will be prepared to pull together the evidence to show the insurance company that you suffered due to someone else's negligence.

Speaking to an improper lane change truck accident lawyer in New York is critical, because there is a small window of time in which you must pursue a legal claim, otherwise you risk having to pay all of your medical bills for yourself. Speaking directly to an injury lawyer will help you clarify whether or not you have a case against the negligent driver. What makes trucking accident cases so complex is that they frequently involve allegations against more than one negligent party.

You might not realize this until you've had your consultation with a legal representative, but the trucking company that employs the driver could also be named as responsible. Signing any papers too early or accepting an insurance adjuster's settlement amount may mean that you have given up your rights to sue the negligent driver in an unsafe lane change accident. For this reason, any paperwork that is presented to you or opportunities shared with you by the insurance company should always be taken with a grain of salt. Your lawyer will be able to tell you whether or not these are truly in your best interests and what is required in order to go forward. Don't make the mistake that far too many do of failing to get support from a knowledgeable attorney in an accident like this.

There are many things that must be considered immediately after the incident occurs, and hiring the right improper lane change accident lawyer is critical for filing a compelling personal injury claim that shows to all of the parties involved that you have thought through all of your options and gathered the right evidence to show that someone else is accountable. As an individual, you should not be responsible for dealing with all of the fallout from a catastrophic accident, but many people find themselves in these situations without the support of a lawyer to help you.

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