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New York Car Accident Settlement

If you have already filed a personal injury claim against an at-fault driver because the extensive injuries you suffered were far beyond what your insurance company would cover, you need a help of a New York car accident settlement attorney.

Finding a final settlement can give you peace of mind about the future since you can move on from the accident, but don’t put yourself in the position of accepting a low settlement that means you can no longer pay any of your bills. This is a huge mistake.

The right car accident settlement attorney in New York can further advise you about what settlement means and whether or not an offer that has been presented to you truly and fairly compensates you for the injuries you have sustained.

A car accident settlement lawyer in New York knows that there are many different ways to pursue a positive outcome for a victim in an injury case and not all of these require you to have to go through litigation.

If an accident resulted in an injury to a person, the driver responsible for the incident must file a report with the local police station immediately. If only property damage was incurred in the accident, a report is only required if the other car's owner is not present. For all accidents that led to personal injury however, written reports must be filed. Your case will also involve insurance.

Car accident settlements in New York work much the same as in other states across the country. This is because at any stage during the trial, from the moment that your attorney files all the way through the various hearings and scheduled events within the trial, the other side may come to you and present a settlement offer. Your New York car accident settlement lawyer will help you evaluate whether or not it is in your best interests to accept a settlement claim. Frequently the settlements that are presented early on in a case may be suggested to you as one option to resolve things. The lump sum settlements seem tempting; however, it may not be enough to fully compensate you for the injuries you have sustained. At the outset of your case, you might not know the true scope of the injuries that you have recently suffered and therefore, need the advice of a lawyer who can tell you whether or not this is likely to help you for many years to come. When you have an attorney who is highly experienced in representing the needs of accident victims, you will feel more confident in the management of your legal claim. It is impossible to say for sure whether or not your case will go to trial but the odds are quite high that it will not. In nearly all personal injury cases in New York involving car accidents, the parties will settle outside of court. This is because court can be unpredictable, expensive and lengthy. A settlement allows you as the victim to receive a guaranteed payout and it also minimizes the attorney fees that could rack up for a court room battle. Many personal injury attorneys, however, do accept your case on a contingency fee basis, meaning that they will take a portion of your settlement recovered. Settlement means that the parties will drop the pending lawsuit because they have come to a mutually agreeable outcome and the terms of the settlement have been listed in writing. Mandatory settlement conferences are not required in New York as an alternative to litigation in car accident cases outside of medical malpractice.

However, settlement is always an option once you consider the issues involved in your case such as pain and suffering, car repairs, medical bills and lost wages from time away from work. The right attorney is very valuable in illustrating the severity of your injuries and how your life has been forever changed by an accident.

Client Reviews
When my mom, who is suffering from dementia, faced a slip and fall personal injury lawsuit, I contacted Stephen Bilkis of the Law Offices of Stephen Bilkis & Associates. Not only did he provide a strategy for defending the claim, he also advised me on steps to take to avoid future personal liability. Whether you are the defendant or plaintiff in an injury case, I highly recommend Mr. Bilkis. S.M.
From the very first phone call to Stephen Bilkis' office, the staff was extremely polite and helpful in assisting me. Mr. Bilkis was honest and upfront with me from the beginning in what he projected the outcome of my case would be; in the end we got better results than either of us anticipated. He was very genuine and compassionate in understanding my situation and how this legal matter could effect not only myself but my family as well. I highly recommend this law firm and will most definitely continue using them for any future legal needs. Jarrett
I had my first encounter with Mr. Stephen Bilkis three years ago over the phone. He and his staff have been nothing but courtesy and professional. Their hard work ended with a large six-figure settlement for my case. I would highly recommend you contact his office. I want to give a special THANK YOU to Ms. Tricia Krapf. She always made me feel like a priority and was always kind and professional over the phone and email. I highly recommend them to anyone in need of legal representation. Celesta