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New York Pelvic Injury

A New York pelvic injury attorney may be used to follow your lawsuit paperwork. A New York pelvic injury lawyer may be able to cover compensation for you in a settlement amount or he or she may be required to go through litigation in your trial because of the complicating factors that may be involved in your individual case.

Pelvic injuries might require months or years of physical therapy and other treatments that can be hard for people to fit into their busy lives. But due to the location of a pelvic injury, the possibility of severe suffering is high, too.

It is important if you've sustained a pelvic fracture or some other type of serious pelvic injury, that you get medical attention immediately as it is difficult to diagnose and identify pelvic injuries at the scene of the accident.

Pelvic injuries often occur in high speed vehicle accidents in New York. Any person who has a bone weakening condition such as osteoporosis may also get hurt, even if the collision is low-impact.

These painful pelvic injuries can affect someone’s walking ability. The injuries may be life threatening and include complications like internal bleeding. Since it is not always obvious that a person has suffered pelvic injuries at the scene of an accident, it is important for medical professionals to evaluate that person for these severe injuries.

Two small rings and one major ring make up the pelvis. These small rings protect internal organs like the intestines and the bladder. Pelvic fractures may be severe or mild. The fracture classifications are based on the fracture’s location.

A major ring fracture is a severe injury, whereas a fracture of the minor ring is classified as mild. It is common to have fractures in several locations of one ring. Common symptoms and signs of a pelvic fracture are discomfort and pain that usually worsen when a person moves. Additional signs include trouble urinating, difficulty walking, pain that is elsewhere in the body, discomfort when standing, unusual bleeding and feeling numb.

Often, diagnostic tests are required in order to determine the true extent of pelvic injuries. These include CT scans, MRIs and X-rays to determine how severe the damage is. A physician will also want to carry out some way to determine damage to internal organs and blood vessels. The treatment for your pelvic fracture or pelvic injury depends on how severe the original injury is. A pelvic injury lawyer in New York will be able to help you connect the dots as far as how your injury was sustained and what this means for your treatment options in the future.

Minor fractures may require only bed rest and anti-inflammatory medications. prescription pain medications and physical therapy may also be used. The healing time can range up to four months for mild pelvic injuries, however, more severe fractures may require surgery using screws, pins or plates.

A patient may need physical therapy to regain mobility, strength and flexibility. A patient may also suffer serious complications of a pelvic fringe, pelvic injury even after the fracture is healed.

A pelvic injury lawyer in New York can likely tell you that some people who sustain a pelvic injury find that their life is never the same after the incident. If you have already suffered the consequences because another person was not paying attention behind the wheel, you should set up a time now to talk with an experienced injury lawyer who can help you figure out how to proceed with your legal claim to recover maximum compensation to put this unfortunate incident behind you.

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