New York Trip and Fall

Tripping and falling on a sidewalk or any other dangerous surface can increase your chances of a serious accident. Unfortunately, some of the most common types of trip and fall accidents happen across public sidewalks around New York. Tripping and falling on a sidewalk might seem like you lost your footing or simply being clumsy. However, in many of these cases, it is the fault of a negligent property owner or manager and the injuries you sustain can be serious.

In fact, falling and hitting your head on another object could lead to a traumatic brain injury or a concussion. These serious head injuries are often difficult to diagnose and not even something you might notice until hours or days after the accident has happened. You should never minimize the potential consequences of a slip and fall or trip and fall accident. Instead, getting proper medical attention and scheduling a consultation with a New York trip and fall accident lawyer is strongly recommended.

A trip and fall accident attorney in New York can walk you through what may have happened that could have caused your injuries and help you to file a claim for compensation to recover benefits. With so much to worry about in your future because of a trip and fall accident in New York, you need someone who is on your side. Whether it is as a result of poor maintenance or repair, or negligent construction, sidewalks can cause trip and fall accidents because they are cracked, uneven, icy or broken. If these sidewalk defects should have been the responsibility of the property manager or owner and he or she never took the right action to fix it, this can lead to catastrophic problems. In fact, more risky conditions like potholes can develop. These trip and fall accidents caused by potholes can also pose dangers to vehicles, cyclists and more. During the winter months, water from the rain and the snow will find its way under the pavement in New York beneath the cracks and other sidewalk problems. As the temperature decreases and water freezes below the pavement, the pavement then rises. This decreases the structure of the soil and generates a hole beneath the pavement.

This pothole may be difficult to spot as you're walking by but if the person who manages that property or the municipality responsible for it doesn't take proper action to prevent it from causing an injury, you may be the one to contact a trip and fall accident lawyer in New York to manage your claim. Just because you fell on a sidewalk doesn't necessarily mean you have grounds for a trip and fall lawsuit. This doesn't guarantee that you will be effective in bringing forth a lawsuit and recovering compensation but you should determine your eligibility to file such a claim by scheduling a consultation directly with a New York trip and fall accident lawyer. You must illustrate that the dangerous sidewalk was a major factor in causing your injury and that the person accountable for the sidewalk should have known about it or did know about the risk and failed to take action.

Some towns or cities will also have specific laws to determine who is considered legally responsible for a sidewalk. Usually it is the responsibility of the property owner nearest the sidewalk or the town or the city where the sidewalk is. For example, in New York city, the owner of the property right next to the sidewalk must maintain it in a relatively safe condition. However, there are exceptions to this when there are multiple residential family homes abutting that sidewalk. If you have been involved in an accident like that, you need help from an experienced attorney as soon as possible.

Because of the many rules that apply to trip and fall sidewalk accidents, it's essential that you identify an attorney who has handled cases like this before and someone who will make a dedicated effort to pursue maximum compensation to help you move on with your life. No matter the injuries you sustained in your trip and fall accident, the right lawyer is crucial.

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