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New York Bed Sore Prevention

A New York bed sore prevention injury lawyer will tell you that a person who has sustained significant bed sores, including those classified at the levels of stages three and four, might develop infection or be at risk of developing fatal injuries depending on their vulnerable state prior to the development of bed sores.

Bed sore prevention should be a top priority for nursing homes. Those residents who are unable to move themselves should already be receiving the benefit of additional care and oversight, but all too often what happens is that staff actually ignore these situations and leave vulnerable residents alone for far too long. If this happens and bed sores develop, the injuries could be severe.

Nursing home facilities and related health care facilities are responsible for bed sore prevention but when they do not have appropriate staff, either in terms of numbers of staff or critical training, nursing home abuse and neglect can occur. A bed sore prevention injury lawyer in New York will help advise victims and family members about how to file a personal injury claim for recovery of compensation.

The good news about bed sores is that they can often be prevented but unfortunately, they are also one of the most frequent types of injuries sustained across nursing homes today.

Bed sore treatment needs to be engaged in early and appropriately with the support of relevant staff at the nursing home facility. Failure to do this could lead to damages for the affected patient.

Bed sore prevention is a common tenet of all health care facilities since it often means checking on the person who is at risk more often. Bed sores are more common in bedridden patients or those in a nursing home. Bed sores might also be referred to as pressure ulcers and these happen when there’s a great deal of pressure on the skin from not being moved around.

These sores cause not only discomfort and pain but can also lead to endocarditis, cellulitis and meningitis. The heels, shoulder blades, tail bone, elbows and hips are some of the most common locations for bed sores since these locations have little fat and muscle. If the body does not get enough movement, this can hinder appropriate blood flow to resident’s skin, depriving it of critical oxygen and nutrients. Sometimes these incidents happen in conjunction with other injuries like bed rail entrapment.

A person who is on bed rest must be aware that there are a few different things that can be done to stop bed sores but a person who is unable to speak for themselves or care for themselves, has to rely on a nursing home facility to manage bed sore concerns.

A bed sore prevention injury attorney in New York will be the person who brings a legal claim against a nursing home facility for neglect and abuse that has led to severe bed sores. The best ways to minimize the injuries linked to bed sores include keeping the skin clean and dry, changing positions frequently to ensure that the pressure against the skin is minimized, using pillows between the parts of the body that often press against one another, including the heels, elbow, shoulders and tail bone, and regular exercise.

Unfortunately, the development of bed sores might not even be noticed by nursing home staff who do not have the critical training necessary to get support for a patient who is at risk of severe injuries.

A person who has been critically hurt in an accident due to nursing home abuse or neglect might have grounds to pursue legal compensation with the help of an experienced injury lawyer. Contacting a knowledgeable attorney in New York is the first step for a victim or family members to get compensation.

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