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New York Broken Collarbone Injury

A New York broken collarbone injury attorney is a phone call that you must make after you have been seriously injured. You might have woken up in the hospital to realize that you suffered in a serious vehicle accident and there is a good chance that you may not even remember the specifics of the accident itself.

All broken bone or fracture injuries are serious. Depending on what’s been affected, going back to work for the time being is not an option. With a broken collarbone, it can take a long time for an injury like this to heal. During that period, a victim is worried about paying their bills and getting their life back on track. The victim should have to suffer any further if a car accident or other preventable incident caused the injuries.

Unfortunately, collisions and severe injuries like a broken collarbone may occur in vehicle accidents particularly if you were thrown about inside the car because you were not wearing a seatbelt, or if the force of the crash was such that you were repelled outside of the vehicle entirely.

Falling with your arms outstretched or landing on your shoulder after a fall, which may happen if you were a pedestrian, motorcyclist or a bicyclist, puts stress on the shoulder and the collarbone or the clavicle. When the stress is too much in these immediate moments during an accident, the collarbone may break.

A broken collarbone may make it difficult for a person to return to work and may often require extensive medical treatment. Collarbone breaks are very common in sports but they can also come about because of trauma to the collarbone following a vehicle collision.

Although many collarbone fractures may heal on their own if you immobilize the arm immediately after the accident occurs, if the break is severe or if there is significant displacement of the collarbone, you may need surgery in order to re-align the bones.

The collarbone may be held together with plates and screws while it heals. It may not be obvious that a person who has suffered in a vehicle accident has broken their collarbone until he or she has gone to the hospital.

The obvious symptoms presented by a patient in this scenario includes swelling, a bulgy deformity above the break, a crackling or grinding sensation when raising the arm, and increased pain. A broken collarbone injury lawyer in New York will be able to connect all of the various pieces of evidence into filing a completing injury claim on your behalf.

A New York broken collarbone injury lawyer is a powerful advocate for a person who has been seriously hurt in an accident and has suffered this devastating injury. When going to the hospital, a physician will inquire about the symptoms that the patient has and the injury itself.

The physician will then examine the patient’s shoulder and gently press to determine tenderness and may check the strength and the feeling inside the patient’s fingers, hands and arms. If a broken collarbone is suspected, a doctor will get X-rays of the shoulder as well as the area affected to determine where the break occurred.

X-rays may also indicate if there are any other bones that are broken. While most collarbone fractures happened during a fall, being hurt in a vehicle accident may also occur. Those patients who are at the most risk of a broken collarbone are children, those patients with the high birth weight and participating in sports that involve the possibility of a hard fall. Anyone who has broken their collarbone in a vehicle accident because of another person's behavior should consult with a lawyer immediately.

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