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New York Bed Sore Severity

There are many different stages of pressure sores or bed sores, all of which could ultimately develop into serious infections and fatal injuries for affected patients. These injuries happen when a person sits or lies down in the same position for too long and the weight of the body against the chair, bed, or other piece of furniture cuts off blood supply. If a person is in a wheelchair or on bed rest, they have a much higher risk of developing bed sores.

As a bed sore severity injury lawyer in New York can tell you, these injuries are often associated with nursing home neglect or abuse. A bed sore injury attorney in New York will be required in order to file a legal claim to recover compensation if you believe that your loved one has developed severe bed sores because of the injuries caused by a facility that did not afford the patient the appropriate level of care. If you believe that your loved one has had to suffer because another person or a facility did not have the right safety tips implemented across the board.

When litigation must be filed in order to recover compensation for those who were harmed in a nursing home, you need to evaluate your legal options. A lawsuit could be the next step, but you should talk to an attorney first.

Bed sores can come in varying levels of severity, all of which pose significant risks for patients. If bed sores are found early, there is a high chance that they can heal in several days without any pain or other problems. Without any treatment, however, these can get worse and can only lead to fatal infections. When the sore finally gets small and tissue shows up along the sides, this is a sign that the bed sore is in the healing process. A New York bed sore injury lawyer might be needed to file a legal claim. Stage one is the least severe type of bed sore injury because these pressure sores only affect the upper layer of the skin. Itching, burning or pain are some of the most common symptoms of bed sores at this particular level.

Stage 2 bed sores happen when the sore gets deeper than the surface of the skin and this leads to an open wound or a puss filled blister. Stage three bed sores are those that have gone through the second layer of skin of the patient and into the fat tissue. These sores look like a crater and might have a bad odor and can also indicate signs of infection. These require advanced care with the help of medical professionals and possible use of antibiotics.

The most serious types of bed sores, which can stretch down into the ligaments and muscles of the patient are stage four. These sores are big and deep and the skin might turn black and show major signs of infection, including drainage, puss, red edges, heat and odor.

A person who identifies a stage four level bed sore should be prepared to get medical attention as soon as possible for the affected patient. The management of stage four bed sores is crucial in order to address the level of severity. If the bed sore is left to fester without any additional support, this can lead to infections and life-threatening injuries. A person who has been seriously hurt in an incident like this deserves the support of an experienced nursing home injury lawyer working in New York as soon as possible.

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