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New York Car - Motorcycle Accident

The vast majority of car-motorcycle accidents in New York are caused by negligent drivers. While motorcyclists may be held responsible in an accident if they were engaged in aggressive or illegal behavior at the time of the accident, it is often motorcyclist who sustains devastating and life-changing injuries because of his or her exposure to the elements.

Motorcycle cases present unique challenges from a legal perspective, making it extremely important to hire a car-motorcycle accident attorney in New York as soon as possible. If you have recently been injured in such an accident, or if a loved one has passed away because of a negligent driver, your ability to recover compensation depends on choosing the right car-motorcycle accident lawyer in New York. The public perception of motorcycles makes it seem as though motorcycle riders are often engaged in dangerous activities.

The right attorney's role is crucial in developing the necessary evidence to help challenge these biases. Presenting a comprehensive case about how the accident happened may be vital to recovering compensation on behalf of the motorcycle rider. An attorney has to communicate that the client was driving the vehicle safely or as expected and that another driver was not paying attention or was so engaged in their own egregious behavior when the accident happened.

Getting evidence together and hiring a car-motorcycle accident attorney in New York to determine who might be liable for the accident are some of the most crucial steps you need to consider when filing an injury claim. Your ability to fully recover and put this incident in your past may hinge on your selection of the right attorney, so spend time in an initial consultation asking questions and figuring out how your NY car-motorcycle accident lawyer will help you.

What You Need to Know About Car-Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Although motorcycles are a common means of travel throughout New York, riders are more vulnerable to catastrophic injuries than those who operate automobiles. The reasons for this are relatively obvious because motorcycles are lighter and smaller than other motor vehicles, because they are not as stable as other cars and trucks and because the motorcyclist is exposed to direct impact between other vehicles and the pavement and the motorcyclist's body.

The lack of bulk on motorcycles also adds an element of visibility problems. Furthermore, motorcycles are often very susceptible to poorly maintained roadways and roadway defects. A car-motorcycle accident attorney in New York can tell you more about how many drivers struggle to see motorcycle riders and may not be able to stop in time to avoid an accident. Motorcyclists need to observe the same rules of the road as well as being afforded the same rights as operators of all other vehicles, under New York State vehicle and traffic law. This also relates to visible front and rear headlamps and the required use of helmets.

Liability and insurance rules in New York are very different for motorcycle accident riders than for cars. Under the no fault law, a motorcycle is not categorized as a motor vehicle and because motorcycles are exempted from this definition, a motorcyclist is not covered under the no fault law and therefore, is not entitled to lost wage or medical benefits. However, a motorcyclist injured in a motor vehicle crash is not subject to threshold of serious injury under the no fault law. This means even minor injuries may prompt you to file a personal injury claim with the help of a car-motorcycle accident lawyer in New York.

Motorcycle insurance premiums are $50,000 due to the death of one person in an accident, $50,000 when two or more individuals are injured in an accident and $100,000 for the deaths of two or more persons in the same accident. Any person who is injured in a motorcycle accident may be subject to the insurance minimums of $25,000 per person.

It is important to get an appropriate medical consultation and diagnosis of your injuries after a motorcycle accident. Doing so may help you file a comprehensive claim for recovery with the help of an experienced car-motorcycle accident sw in New York. Your eligibility to recover compensation depends on your willingness to take action quickly.

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