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New York Nursing Home Assault

A New York nursing home assault lawyer is there to advise you if you believe that there exists enough evidence to pursue a personal injury claim against a nursing home facility or staff member.

Assault happens far too often in nursing homes in New York and around the country. Many cases of nursing home assault go unreported because the affected person is not able to speak up for themselves. Sometimes, a person carrying out assault relies on the fact that the vulnerable patient won’t be able to articulate what’s happening. Frustrated staff members take out their aggression on patients and leave behind lasting physical and mental injuries.

A nursing home assault lawyer in New York is a critical component of being able to file a personal injury claim, particularly if you allege that the facility was negligent or abusive. Assaults can occur not just between staff members and residents but also from one resident to another. If there are not enough staff members on duty to minimize the chances of people being seriously hurt in nursing home assaults, this information can be used to lodge a lawsuit against the impacted facility. If you find yourself in this situation, you need to have a lawyer to assist you with figuring out the best step to pursue a legal claim.

If you have a disabled or an elderly family member or friend in a skilled nursing facility, the idea of that individual being a victim of nursing home assault whether it is carried out by other residents or by a staff member, is horrifying, but this type of assault regularly does occur.

It can be physical, verbal, emotional or sexual in nature. A nursing home assault attorney in New York will be aware of the laws that help patients inside assisted living facilities and nursing home facilities and can help you figure out whether or not your loved one's rights were violated. It is critical to be aware of the possible signs of nursing home assault including an abnormally pale complexion, torn clothing, broken personal items, sudden weight loss, and bruises in a pattern that suggest restraints were used.

A New York nursing home assault attorney will recommend taking the following steps if you discover signs of neglect or assault. The first is to get medical attention for your loved one in order to receive a diagnosis and to outline a treatment plan. Any evidence of abuse should be gathered and put together in a chronological order so that it can be presented to your attorney.

You will also want to report the loved one's assault with relevant law enforcement agencies and authorities. If possible, relocating your loved one may be one of the only opportunities for you to minimize the chances that they'll have to suffer from assault again in the future. Whether it’s bed sores or a direct assault, nursing home assault is serious.

In these difficult circumstances, time is of the essence and your decision to file a lawsuit with the help of an experienced attorney may make the different in stopping these unfortunate assaults and in allowing your loved one to recover maximum compensation. It is devastating to realize that a nursing facility you took so much care to select has not put your loved one's interest at the top of their priorities. For this reason, you need to ensure that you take the case seriously by consulting directly with an attorney who will do everything possible to protect your loved one's rights after being hurt in an assault.

Gather evidence including medical records and photos of the relevant injuries and present this to a lawyer immediately.

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